Yikes! Back to School!

I am not the kind of parent who is happy and relieved when the kids go back to school. On the contrary, I am panicked! I don’t know how many out there are in my shoes, but as a working mother who also serves as transportation, hair and makeup artist, scheduler and keeper of the time, and just overall cheerleader, the only time I feel that I can really manage my life is in the summer…when there is no school and there are no extracurricular activities. A day off from work means no early rising for ANYONE, and our free time is liquid and unscheduled.

But alas, summer can’t last forever and the children must be educated. As I sit surrounded by new school supplies, clothes and dance shoes, I try to borrow some enthusiasm from the kids in preparing myself mentally and emotionally for this year’s new adventures. I pray that our new carpool works out and that the new mom is understanding of my insane and unpredictable work schedule. I hold my breath that Sea Pony’s soccer night will not coincide with dance, piano or competition team nights. And then I hope to have the stamina to keep this team swimming (sometimes upstream) for yet another year.

What is back-to-school like for you? Are you panicked or relieved? Is the school year easier for you or is it the lazy days of summer? I would love to know. Please share.

5 thoughts on “Yikes! Back to School!

  1. I am always glad when summer term ends. Not because I am desperate to get rid of my children, it is because I feel way too lazy and the whole rhythm, the daily routine is not there which makes me mental!
    My two older ones are back to school next Tuesday, my little one starts next Thursday, and the only left home is my two year old.
    Wonder what we will do the whole day though…

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    1. I get it about the routine. Sometimes I need a little structure in order to get anything done.

      Enjoy your mommy and baby time with your two-year-old. My kids absolutely cherish one-on-one time…even the twenty-something one!

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