Hi, I am Coral Reef, and welcome to my Mommy blog! Well, technically, it’s really a parents’ blog…I just happen to be a mommy. I am a mommy riding the adventurous current called raising kids and hoping you will jump in along the way. I have a son who is in his twenties (let’s call him Star Fish) and two daughters who are school-agers. They shall be called Ocean Breeze and Sea Pony. I am a full-time retail pharmacist and a full-time mom chasing a dream of being a full-time writer and a full-time mom.

On this blog, I would like to share some stories with you as well as throw in a few informational articles here and there. That is the plan; let us see how it goes. The only qualifications that I have for this job are that I raised one already and am in the middle of raising two more. Other than that, I am swimming without the manual just like you are…I hope you will join me 🙂

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